Services & Expertise

What I do:

I translate texts specialized in information technology / production machines from English / German into Czech. Send me your document written in English or German and I will render it into Czech and send it back to you. You can then use this document for your marketing and documentation needs targeted towards Czech speakers.

How it works:

1) You send me your files.

2) I analyze them and inform you about the wordcount and target price.

3) I translate the files. During the translation process, I always try to provide the highest quality possible. This is why I might have questions regarding unclear or ambiguous terms. Please note that although I am a very specialized translator, your text might not provide enough context to choose the best term. By asking questions, I make sure the target text is as accurate as possible.

During the translation process, I use a number of tools – CAT software, quality verifiers (e.g. XBench), technical dictionaries and special productivity tools.

4) I send the files back to you along with an invoice.